Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FLG Always Laughs

When Lefties rail against the market and come up with conspiracy theories. In this particular case, the prime minister of Spain:
There is an attack underway by speculators against the euro, against tougher financial regulation of the financial system and of the markets.

And since FLG has been reading a bunch of books about financial systems (This week it's Stock Market Capitalism: Welfare Capitalism: Japan and Germany versus the Anglo-Saxons.) he's seen a lot of it recently.

The basic gist for FLG is this -- Human beings have unlimited wants and limited resources to fulfill those wants. Many on the Left, and when I say on the Left I mean out and out socialists like you find in Europe and Latin America, seem to believe that politics can overcome this fundamental problem. Or that politics can allocate the resources in a way that alleviates the problem. Yet, the wants of a socialist government are more than the resources can fulfill. Sometimes they can make it appear like it's working for several years. Sometimes even decades. But eventually the reallocation of resources (or wealth distribution if you prefer) reaches a limit. These lefty leaders then make wild accusations of conspiracies and blame the nominal cause, which is usually the financial market. (And historically because of their role in banking the conspiracy leads to where it always leads -- the Jews.)

The Democrats here in the States aren't socialists in the same way as Latin America or Europe has them, but it is telling that James Carville wanted to be reincarnated as the Bond Market because then he could intimidate everybody.

Anyway, I always laugh because these best laid schemes are ultimately subject to the reality that there are finite resources. Then come the conspiracy theories and complaints that with just some more resources or time Utopia was within reach, which as many of you know is one of the first signs for FLG that a loser is talking. Anything is possible with infinite time and resources. The fucking problem is that you never have enough of either. Losers whine about it. Winners get it done with what they have.*


* Sometimes there are legitimate resource issues, but most of the time, in political discourse, resources aren't really the problem. It's willful or legitimate ignorance of what is realistically possible combined with incompetent or unlucky management mixed with the focus on inputs (We've allocated X dollars for Y program) rather than outputs and efficiency (Y program did Z awesome things for X dollars).

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