Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Conversation

Early 2007, First Official Obama Presidential Campaign Meeting

Barack Obama: Okay, look. We're going to be running for president. It will be a long, tough job. But we need to have a good theme. Any ideas?

David Axelrod: How about "I'm not a Clinton?"

BO: Nah. We need something more positive. I can't use my teleprompter's powers with "I'm not a Clinton." We need something about trying to fix the mess Bush created.

Guy on the couch: How about "Can we fix it? Yes we can."

David Axelrod: Are you high again?

Guy on the couch: Totally. Wanna smoke?

Offers Axelrod a honeybear bong.

BO: That's great! Maybe pot does help with creativity.

Guy on the couch: Nah. I sat on the remote control when I was coming back from a munchie run for a bag of Cheetos. The channel changed and the Bob the Builder theme was on.

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