Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Conversation

A little blur goes by.

FLG: Did I just see Miss FLG run by with no shirt on?

Mrs. FLG: Yes.

FLG: It's winter, which means it's cold. What on Earth is she doing without her shirt on?

Mrs. FLG: Looking for beads. It is Fat Tuesday.

FLG: I am so not happy about this.

Mrs. FLG: Think how you'll feel when she's 18 and on Bourbon.

FLG: The street or the liquor?

Mrs. FLG shrugs: Either. Both.

FLG: Fuck.


Withywindle said...

Goldberry and I both laughed.

rahowe said...

What did I tell you at Thanksgiving? And, so it begins...

The Maximum Leader said...

Oh the stories I could tell you about my girls... Luckily, they will grow out of much of this (we hope).

Anonymous said...

There's always Sister Castigatia's School for Wayward Girls.

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