Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Conversation

This post from Chris Dierkes over at LOG referring to Bill Murray as "Little Too Hip for the Room" reminded me of a personal anecdote. When my brother was a little kid he got really sick. He was in the intensive care unit. After a few days he was transferred to a regular room, which he shared with another little boy.

After a little chit-chat, the boy's father, who was an actor, asked my brother what his favorite movie was. "Ghostbusters," my brother said. "That is a good movie," said his roommate's father. "I like it too." The next day, near the end of visiting hours, the father walked in and who should walk in with him, but Bill Murray. Turns out that they happened to be filming a movie together at the time.

Bill Murray: "Hello!"

FLG's Brother: "Oh my God!"

Bill Murray: "I hear your favorite movie is Ghostbusters."

FLG's Brother: "It is. I loved it when you blew up the Marshmallow Man. Hey, where's your proton pack? Where's Ecto 1?"

Bill Murray: "Ecto 1 is in the shop. Bum siren. The hospital wouldn't let me wear the proton pack in. Afraid I might burn the place down."

FLG's Brother: "What happens if a ghost shows up?"

Bill Murray: "Oh, don't worry. I asked Egon and Ray to sweep the area for ghosts while you were sleeping. It's all clear."

So, regardless of the characters he plays Bill Murray, the man, is one classy guy.


The Maximum Leader said...

What an awesome story. Who was the roommate's dad is my question.

rahowe said...

Murray rocks the awesome romantic comedy, Zombieland.

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