Friday, February 26, 2010

A Bit More On The Gulen Movement

I mentioned this in the comments, but really wanted to emphasize this.

If the American right writes off the Gulen movement, then it would be a massive strategic mistake.

It isn't perfect. It's secretive, I think, because it sprung from such a militantly secularist environment and indeed Gulen himself got kicked out of the country in lives in New Jersey or something now. Calling it a cult grossly misstates the situation.

My fear is that large strains of the American right have simply decided that everything touched by Islam is corrupt. Since FGM is an Islamic movement, then it must be corrupt as well. This is a huge mistake. Again, for my money, the FGM offers the best way forward to reconcile modernity and Islam.


Withywindle said...

They sound Falun Gong-ish. And, yes, Islam tends to return to its core--jihad and slaughter. "Moderate" Islam tends to decay back toward the core. Even if these Gulen types were reliable, their children probably wouldn't be.

George Pal said...

Another Movement? The Qadri Movement? Waiting on the Arabs.

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