Thursday, February 11, 2010


China is alienating not only the United States but also France, Britain and Germany by resisting tougher United Nations Security Council sanctions on Iran.

A high-level Chinese government meeting.

Chinese Government Official #1: We need to do something or we risk alienating France and Germany.

Rest of the meeting erupts into laughter.


Anonymous said...


Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

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arethusa said...

I think that would be an excellent scene in a real James Bond (i.e., not Daniel Craig as Bond) movie.

The Ancient said...

Personally, I blame Matteo Ricci.

FLG said...

The Ancient:

We don't blame Jesuits on this blog. If somebody must be blamed, then it is always a Dominican.

The Ancient said...

Old adage: "Dominicans for instruction, Jesuits for confession."

(Avery Dulles gave the easiest penances ever.)

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