Thursday, January 21, 2010

William Of Balding?

This picture makes it look like Prince William is balding. Is he? I don't follow the royals all that closely. Seems awful young.


Andrew Stevens said...

Yes, he's balding. He's 27, not an unusually young age to start balding.

FLG said...

Man, I'm out of it. I thought he was like 23.

arethusa said...

He's been balding for years. Got his father's hair genes, alas. (Hopefully he did not inherit Prince Charles' first-rate mind, incisive political opinions, and skill with wishful metaphors.)

Andrew Stevens said...

I've met men who were much balder than Prince William even at the age of 23. An unreasonably large number of my less than 30 coworkers are balding and most of them began balding in college or shortly thereafter.

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