Tuesday, January 19, 2010

US Military In Haiti

I've been pretty quiet about the Haiti thing, but some foreigners are starting to complain about the US role. Apparently, when confronted with a bottleneck in arrivals the US military decided that they could run the airport in Port-au-Prince better than the locals, and it was correct. It largely straightened out the traffic there.

For what it's worth, the immediate aid after a earthquake is something that I think governments are relatively good at. As I said, if it's something akin to sending in the Marines, by which I mean marshaling lots of resources in a short period of time with little concerns about the costs, then the government is the route to take. In this case, they are in fact sending in the Marines.

Ah, but the nutjobs are starting to claim the US is invading militarily. And not just the nutjobs, but the surrender monkeys too. And not just surrender monkey internet commenters, but elected officials:
A French communist MEP said the United States should not be allowed to "occupy" Haiti on the pretext of handing out aid. You could dismiss that as a rant from the far left, except for the fact that the French press has been bandying the word "occupation" about all weekend

Charlemagne opens the post I linked to above with another important piece of information:
THERE are many things to worry about in Haiti just now. The immediate "visibility" of the European Union, you might think, is not one of them. Honourable members of the European Parliament, assembled in Strasbourg today, take a different view.

In my more cynical moments, I think the Left is more concerned about seeming to help, or perhaps even more importantly feeling like it's helping, than whether it is actually helping.

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