Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There Already Is A France

FLG wonders sometimes about the people who so admire Europe's social democracy. You know, the people who detail how great the French health care system is. How awesome the labor protection is. The fantastic culture. The more enlightened foreign policy. The list goes on...At some point, wouldn't it be easier for all involved if those Americans who pine for a more French-like America to simply move to France themselves?

Don't get FLG wrong. He is all for looking around the world for public policy that works. Also, he appreciates different cultures. He's not some xenophobic nutjob. But if you find yourself in a situation where you'd rather live in a country that's like a European country, then why not move to the actual Europe. It's there and all European-y already.

He's not saying to anybody that they ought to leave, but if you want government health care and a heavily-regulated economy then perhaps you ought give a thought to moving to places that already have it.


Anonymous said...

Canada, on the other hand...

PG said...

Some people do move. Other people like particular features of the U.S. such as strong Constitutional protections for individual rights with regard to speech, religion, criminal law, etc., and figure it's easier to import France's labor protection (after all, the U.S. used to have stronger labor protect than it currently does) and other beneficial features to the U.S., than to convince the French to adopt the U.S. Constitution.

Unless someone likes every single thing about France, it makes no more sense to move there than it does for me to tell people who want less regulation of business and harsher enforcement of the law to move to Singapore.

FLG said...

"Unless someone likes every single thing about France"

It's not really all or nothing. There's a point where, if you want the country to be more like France, then it really is easier just to move there. If, on the other hand, you just want stronger labor laws and government health care, then maybe not.

Also, don't think I haven't thought about moving to Singapore.

arethusa said...

But do we really want to inflict folks like Alec Baldwin and Joe Klein on France? Home of fine culture, fine women, and fine wines? (Also fine cheeses.) France our loyal and true ally in...um....well, OK! They can have them!

Withywindle said...

And so improve both them and us.

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