Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quote of the day

Matt Yglesias:
It’s surprisingly hard to say why Haiti is so poor, but I think we can dismiss that devil-based theory.

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Anonymous said...

Think about this, Pat Robertson believes what he said. And he said it. And the people cringe. More than that, Evangelicals like Joe Carter are running as far away from Pat as possible. See First Things.

Harry Reid believes what he said. And he said it. And the people cringe. Yet, we don't see the Dems running away from Harry, do we? We see excuses like "inartful" and "muddled", etc. More than that, we see the Dems starting with the light skinned Negro in the White House with no Negro Dialect unless he wants one sticking up for him - saying Harry was "praising him".

One can only conclude that Joe Carter has more morals than the entire Democratic party combined.

Also, Matt is really a chowderhead isn't he? He glosses right over Papa Doc? Doesn't Matt understand that if O gets all of his policies with all of the spending and deficits and carve outs for the constituencies that are useful to him and his party the US will look a lot like Haiti on the ledgers. And there won't be the $$$$ for "Green blg codes"?

Mrs. P

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