Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Tell Matt Yglesias

..but there's this thing called the Internet that makes smart-ass comments look stupid sometimes.

Matt Yglesias:
Don’t tell Jim Manzi but Denmark’s super-rich and features sky-high taxes and tons of green policies.

From the CIA World Fact Book:
Denmark Per Captia GDP (PPP): $37,200 (2008 est.)
US Per Capita GDP (PPP): $47,500 (2008 est.)

Therefore, the US is 27.68% more super-rich than Denmark.

Now, he'd probably say that he's talking about median income or something, but Manzi was talking about GDP. And even more specifically Manzi was talking about GDP as a tool for geopolitical influence and power.

And lastly, directed not just at Matt, Manzi didn't say that Europe was a shit hole. Just that European social democracies can be expected to grow at a slower pace. Responses like Paul Krugman's that "For those Americans who have visited Paris: did it look poor and backward?" is a fucking strawman and somebody as intelligent as both of you fucking know it.

Again, we can say that economics growth isn't everything, as the EU does in this video, but this childish sniping at tangential issues and mischaracterizing Manzi's argument is wrong.


David said...

"For those Americans who have visited Paris: did it look poor and backward?"

Downtown Paris looks pretty good; many of the suburbs, not so much. Did MY look out the window during his cab rides to and from the airport?

George Pal said...

You do realize you’re contending with a summa cum lumen (or whatever they call it) and a Nobel MP winner.
As I’ve already taken my last swing at MY it’s Krugman’s turn.

From Krugman’s, Wikipedia page: “his interest in economics began with Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels, in which the social scientists of the future use "psychohistory"
to attempt to save civilization. Since "psychohistory" in Asimov's sense of the word does not exist, Krugman turned to economics, which he considered the next best thing”

So Krugman wasn’t setting up strawmen or mischaracterizing anything – he was just being psycho!

Andrew Stevens said...

Coming to the defense of my fellow summa cum lumens everywhere, Yglesias is a magna cum lumen.

Withywindle said...

Cumma-cumma-cumma-cumma lau-ow-day
Magna or sum; magna or suh-uh-um.

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