Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Device Which Will Not Be Named

First of all, FLG was always partial to the name iSlate.

Next, FLG has always been skeptical of the tablet computer. It just isn't all that compelling to him. This one, which is really just a big iPhone, isn't all that compelling to him either because, as he said, it's a big and pretty iPhone, but it doesn't fit in your pocket.

Anyway, FLG could see some uses for it. He can see carrying it around the house as a personal entertainment system. He could see doctors carrying it around instead of a clipboard. It would be pretty damn useful with digital medical records and X-rays. He could also see some other business and retail uses. An important common denominator to all of these is that while they are "mobile" they are limited to an existing building with WiFi. This leads FLG to think the only people who will buy the more expensive 3G versions complete with monthly fee are ostentatious gadget geek douches who will sit at bars wasting time on it while not so secretly hoping chicks find it cool and come by to talk to them. He doesn't see regular people carrying these things around everywhere. It's too big a form factor. Well, he could see people bringing them on plane rides. But again WiFi would be the way to go.

Maybe FLG will be wrong. Maybe this will spark a whole new revolution in education with the tablet replacing textbooks. Maybe new forms of social gaming will take hold on these iSlates. Maybe it will open up whole new uses for information technology that had heretofore been completely undiscovered. Maybe, but right now FLG sees a big iPhone that can't fit in a person's pocket.

Lastly, FLG can't believe for the life of him, if this is supposed to be a mobile lifestyle device or whatever, that there isn't a camera to Skype with.


dance said...

The monthly fee is pay-as-you-go, not a required contract. Eg, if I were to buy one, I might get the 3G version so that I could periodically buy access if I were going to be traveling for a week or so.

But I think I'll wait at least for version 2 (which might have a camera?) The only real use-case I have is e-reader at home, and my phone works okay for that.

Train commuters and students might carry it everywhere. I hear school IT folk are also intrigued.

dance said...

PS. by school, I meant elementary---but the students I envisioned carrying it everywhere were college students.

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