Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Current Reading

FLG just read Wall Street: How It Works and for Whom by Doug Henwood and the review on Amazon articulates FLG's thoughts precisely:
Henwood flails at both the Left and the Right, and he doesn't hide his biases, but he lovingly quotes Keynes and Marx a little too often. Henwood doesn't claim to be offering any practical investment advice; nor does he present any solutions to the problems against which he fulminates. The result is a difficult, divisive, unpleasant, querulous, and uninstructive book that larger business collections might tolerate.


Anonymous said...

How large is your business collection?

I'm reading this right now. Read this review and had to get it so Mr. P went out and got it (in real life, I'm a Stepford wife)- Highly recommend:

Mrs. P

Doug Henwood said...


Fuck you.



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