Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Conversation

Two co-workers walk into FLG's office.

Co-worker A: FLG, ever heard the phrase "Nothing straight has ever be made out of the crooked timber of man?"

FLG: Sure. That's not the exact quote, but it's Kant's.

Co-worker A: Who?

FLG: Immanuel Kant.

Co-worker A: Shoot.

FLG: Why?

Co-worker B: We were debating who wrote that, and he thought it was Rousseau.

FLG: Well, for my money Rousseau is just Plato plopped down smack dab in the Enlightenment, and Plato's Protagoras talks about how children are sometimes like warped or bent wood. So, I guess I could see that. However, since Kant was making almost the opposite claim as Plato, then it wouldn't make much sense if you assume Rousseau is Plato reincarnate.


A beat.

Co-worker A: Well, uh, great, um, thanks.


arethusa said...

I bet the next time you all play dodgeball, you'll be chosen last.

FLG said...

Nah...I've got a cannon for an arm.

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