Monday, January 25, 2010

As Somebody Who Took A Shitload Of AP Classes

...this is some whiny bitchiness.

FLG took AP Physics, Biology, European History, and Calculus during his senior year and yet his joints never swelled. Also, given that the US is falling behind in K-12 education, this ain't the time to worry about pushing kids too hard.

Actually, there are two separate worlds. One in which upper-middle class kids, predominately white and Asian, are hyper-competitive academically and a second in which poorer, predominantly African-American and Hispanic, kids are stuck in rundown classrooms without enough books let alone AP classes. With this in mind, FLG can't deal with the bitching of upper-middle class kids about too much homework.

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The Ancient said...

Is the problem that we are pushing too many students too hard in high school with a view to getting them into the best possible college, or that we aren't pushing enough students to get into training programs where they will acquire valuable technical skills that will allow them to earn middle-class incomes without a college education?

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