Saturday, December 12, 2009

What The Fuck Is It With Alexandria?

Seems to be a hotbed of terrorist activity.

That second link, the one about the paintball guys from a few years ago, really hit close to home with FLG. One of them lived in the FLGs' apartment complex. FLG was not surprised in the slightest that the bastard was a terrorist because the guy's car, a POS Ford, had a bumper sticker that read, literally, Allah Hates America.

Fucker's windows got smashed a few times. FLG always figured the group Marines who lived in the complex for the crime and wished them well.

FLG is happy that other American Muslims are speaking out about this stuff:
"We are determined not to let religious extremists exploit the vulnerability of our children through this slick seductive propaganda on the Internet," said Mr. Bray, who is organizing a youth summit later this month in Chicago to address the issue. "Silence in cyberspace is not an option for us."

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