Friday, December 4, 2009

Ten Misconceptions About FLG

FLG is home with poor lil' Miss FLG, who has a fever. So, this seems as good a time as any to make some sort of list that Sir Basil tagged him with as if he were the toe of a cadaver or the dorsal fin of a great white.

Without further ado, ten popular misconceptions about FLG:
  1. He is intellectual.
  2. He isn't a miserable, miserly, monstrous, morbid, moody, Machiavellian misanthrope.
  3. He is the proud owner of the world's finest collection of erotic Hummel figurines.
  4. He hasn't wrestled with a tiger.  (This one should have been obvious to those who know his background.)
  5. He once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.
  6. He is one person and not a slew of highly-educated professionals who all swear like fucking sailors, er pirates.
  7. He wears the pants in his family.
  8. He doesn't believe he is Alexander reincarnated.
  9. He speaks French.
  10. He has ten or more misconceptions about him.


The Maximum Leader said...

Okay... Erotic Hummels...

Can I come by and see them some time?

FLG said...

No, no, no. That I own the world's finest collection is the misconception.

The Maximum Leader said...

Damn. I got my hopes up on that one... You know those Hummels are so finely crafted...

Anonymous said...

You may not speak French, but you have given a strong impression that you at least read. dave.s.

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