Saturday, December 12, 2009

Practical Jokes

I saw an interview with Robert Redford once where he told a story about practical jokes between him and Paul Newman. I wish I could find the video because it was hilarious. Here's what I remember, but I may have some of the details wrong.

Redford rented a house in Connecticut where he was filming a movie, and also happens to be where Newman lived. Newman had some sports car, I think it was a Porsche, that he loved driving around town. Redford contacts local junkyards until he finds one that has a wrecked version of the same car and pays them to tow Newman's and swap it with the junker. Redford eagerly awaits the hilarity that is sure to ensue.

A day goes by...nothing. Two days go by...not a word from Newman, but he is now driving his car around town again. After a week, Redford figures Newman can't figure out who did it. He wonders if he should fess up.

Redford drives to his rented house from the set still debating this. He gets home and tries to open the door, but it's stuck. He shoves and shoves, but no dice. Eventually, he goes in through the backdoor and makes his way to the foyer.

Sitting there, blocking the door, is the junker crushed into a perfect cube. Neither of them ever said anything about it to each other until decades later.

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