Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great Idea, Tom

Tom Friedman:
Today, we need the Earth Race: who can be the first to invent the most clean technologies so men and women can live safely here on Earth.

Maybe the best thing President Obama could have done here in Copenhagen was to make clear that America intends to win that race. All he needed to do in his speech was to look China’s prime minister in the eye and say: “I am going to get our Senate to pass an energy bill with a price on carbon so we can clean your clock in clean-tech. This is my moon shot. Game on.”

And if I were China's prime minister, then I'd say:
You want to introduce a hugely distortionary tax all by yourself, with all the dead weight and trade loss entailed, so that much of your industry comes to my country and you chase some dream of green tech. You're right about that moon shot thing. You're a space cadet. Game fucking over.

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