Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Conversation

FLG: Did you know we have a holly tree in our backyard?

Mrs. FLG: No. Does it have berries?

FLG: Yes. I think we should make a wreath.

Mrs. FLG: Right, I'll get right on that.

FLG: Fine. I'll make it then.

Mrs. FLG: Have you ever made a wreath?

FLG: No, but I'll google it. I'm sure there's a Martha Stewart video on the Interwebs somewhere about how to make a holly wreath.

Mrs. FLG: It will be a lot harder than she makes it seem.

FLG: What's there to it? Strap some branches to a ring. They sell those rings at the crafts store, right?

Mrs. FLG: Yes, but the hard part isn't strapping them to the ring. It's making them look good.

FLG: You think it will look like Homer Simpson's spice rack.

Mrs. FLG: Yes.

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