Sunday, November 1, 2009

Windows 7

Every year or so, FLG reloads his computer just to clear up the cobwebs and random crap he'd installed and uninstalled. His main desktop had been sluggish for a few months and it was about time for a reload, but he decided to wait until Windows 7 came out rather than reloading XP. FLG is a big believer that most people who go out and buy a new computer because their old one is running slow could get at least another year out of their existing hardware simply by reloading windows.

The reload went pretty fast and was actually far less painful than he expected. He got all Mrs. FLG's and his documents and settings over pretty easily. Most of the applications are back on. He just has to get some that he doesn't use all the time, like Stata and some games, back on. The computer seems pretty peppy, but that's normal after a reload. Overall, it's not a bad operating system.

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