Sunday, November 29, 2009


FLG picked up a six-pack of Vernors. He's been able to find it lately at the Giant right down the street. He likes it a lot, but is still trying to determine what exactly is barrel aged for 3 years because it ain't the high fructose corn syrup.


arethusa said...

Don't forget to sneeze when you take your first gulp.

It's my day for inane comments. Sorry.

Alpheus said...

How weird! I just picked up a six-pack of Vernors on Friday -- my first in a while. I like it a lot too: I grew up in the Midwest, where Vernors was just becoming widely available, but I haven't always been able to find it in my academic wanderings.

It's probably just nostalgia, but I think it used to be even fizzier and more ginger-y. I used to be able to make myself sneeze by inhaling deeply from a newly poured glass -- hence Arethusa's comment.

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