Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks For Not Mentioning Global Economy

President Obama will announce a campaign Monday to enlist companies and nonprofit groups to spend money, time and volunteer effort to encourage students, especially in middle and high school, to pursue science, technology, engineering and math, officials say.

No explicit mention of competing in a global economy, which is nice for a change. Perhaps they want students to pursue science and technology for their own personal fulfillment rather than some foolish understanding of how the global economy works, but I doubt it. That "to compete in the global economy" lurks just beneath the surface.


Withywindle said...

I know you dislike the phrase, but isn't learning to compete for whatever reason good? And doesn't the phrase imply we're so mollycoddled at home that only the threat of foreign competition prevents us from devolving totally into a lotus-stupor?

FLG said...

I don't doubt that competition has benefits, but it is also very distorting when it comes to education.

Withywindle said...


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