Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some More Quotes From The Bostrom Piece

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If one rejects nature as a general criterion of the good, as most thoughtful people nowadays do, one can of course still acknowledge that particular ways of modifying human nature would be debasing. Not all change is progress.

Had Mother Nature been a real parent, she would have been in jail for child abuse and murder.

One example of how contemporary technology can change important aspects of someone’s identity is sex reassignment. The experiences of transsexuals show that Western culture still has work to do in becoming more accepting of diversity.

On the last point, I consider myself pretty accepting (although some may disagree), but I just can't get past the icky, unnatural feeling I have toward transsexuals. I'm sure I could rationalize it some way, but that would be dishonest. It's a visceral, not a rational reaction that I have.

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George Pal said...

I have more than a few doubts re transsexuals and surgery. Morbid unhappiness is manifested in many ways and sexual identification is just one such manifestation. On the other hand, genetic malfunctions in the embryo can cause all manner of dysmorphia and psychological aberrations. Surgical solutions may, in extreme cases, be helpful (though I doubt it). On the third hand, sometimes someone just has to step up and say “hell no”.


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