Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reading List

Five or six years ago, FLG tore through a whole bunch of classic novels. Basically, everything from high school. It was a very good experience. The additional years of life added so much to his understanding of the books. So much so that he'll probably go back and reread many later.

Just now, FLG was trying to find a list of the best novels to get ideas for more novels to read. He found a list of the 100 best novels at The Modern Library and it pissed him off. Actually, there are two lists -- one by a board and one by readers. FLG has some issues with the board's list, but the reader's list clearly demonstrates how many fucking idiots we have in our country.

Ayn Rand didn't produce the two best novels and L. Ron Hubbard didn't write the third best one either. Are you people fucking retarded?


s said...

Yes they are...Email me and I can give you some tips...Don't mess with "lists", waste of time, as you can see.

George Pal said...

Don’t know who participated, but a 1999 Library Journal poll chose 'To Kill A Mockingbird' as best novel of the century. Century! Just about gave up my morning biscuits when I read that.

Andrew Stevens said...

FLG, don't be silly. That list was generated entirely by a stupid voting system, not by a stupid electorate. When you create a system which is vulnerable to manipulation by a tiny minority, a dedicated tiny minority will manipulate it. The high ranking of Rand and Hubbard just shows that they have a highly dedicated fanbase, not necessarily a particularly large one.

The Board list also used a silly system. They mailed each board member a list of 440 novels and asked them to check the ones they wished included. Thus the top members of the list are not the ones that people necessarily believed were the best, but rather the ones which everybody agreed should be on there somewhere.

Blame the people who created the system; neither list is the fault of the voters.

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