Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quote of the day

Andrew Stevens:
I honestly don't have very much that is interesting to say

Understatement of the decade, and perhaps the century (thus far).

Also, Andrew when you write:
I'm not the best conservative.

It seems like you should've written:
I'm not the best Republican.


Withywindle said...

A lack of anything interesting to say has not yet stopped Athens & Jerusalem.

Andrew Stevens said...

I assume that the first bit was meant as a compliment, so thank you, though the way it's phrased, I'm not actually sure. . . .

I'm actually a better Republican, historically speaking, than I am a conservative. I would have supported the Republicans when they were the progressive party (1856-1924) and continued to support them as they became the more conservative party. Indeed, it's hard to imagine my voting for anybody but a Republican (assuming I'm restricted to the two major parties) really all the way up until 2004. (Like a lot of Republicans, I was not actually very disappointed when Clinton won re-election in 1996, though.)

But of course I'm not even registered as a Republican, so it's a little odd calling myself a Republican at all. I have never thought of myself as a Republican whereas I have frequently thought of myself as a conservative, despite my positions on religion and sexual mores. I'm a conservative on economics and foreign policy and I'm even pro-life as well as anti-adultery and pro-family values, so I have no difficulty accepting the conservative label.

But you're definitely right that I shouldn't have phrased it the way I did. I supported Kerry in '04 for good solid conservative reasons. I believed that Kerry and a Republican Congress would be more conservative than Bush and a Republican Congress. I still maintain that the country and the Republican Party would probably have been better off had Kerry won. This is in no way meant as a dig at Bush who I believe was dealt one of the worst hands of any President in history.

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