Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama's Spine Of Steel

In honoring Zimbabwe’s tenacious women protesters at the White House on Monday, President Obama gave his sharpest critique yet of President Robert Mugabe, the octogenarian who has ruled the southern African country with repressive zeal since 1980. Mr. Obama bluntly referred to him as a dictator.

Take that! You very, very bad man!

The press must fear that the Obama as panty-waisted sissy boy narrative is gaining some traction and they are trying to dispel it. That or reporters from the NYTimes are even bigger panty-waisted sissies and they think calling somebody a dictator, who by all fucking accounts, is, in point of fact, a dictator from the safety of the White House is blunt or courageous.


George Pal said...

The next step in the ten-step program: Balls of Steel, aka Axis Of Evil.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's get this straight -pun intended. Mugabe has to be about 80 and he's been basically been running Zimbawe since I've been in college. Add to that I think he's a Catholic - though we must question whether he is one in good standing. George, can you be a murderous dictator, oppressor of people and still be considered a Catholic in good standing? Anyhoo, I know he's a Catholic because he was at JPII's funeral and Prince Charles was heavily criticized for shaking his hand during the sign of peace or whatnot. Why PC was criticized was foolish though because people forget Prince Harry has been dating Chelsey(sp?) for years by that time and Chelsey's father has been profiting off of the Mugabe regime for decades. In the scheme of things, that shake was all in the family, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. If Chelsey didn't have her father's money she couldn't date the prince as easily as she does. It costs a lot of money in clothes, cars, antibiotics and security detail to date a Windsor. Ask Camilla.

Alright, let's look at this not from Obama's perspective, but from Mugabe's, Obama invited to the White House to give a "Kennedy Medal of Honor (LA! - ask Marilyn Monroe about that honor)" a bunch of meddlesome women who are constantly singing love songs while tossing roses in the streets of Zimbabwe which forces him to call out the local constabulary and have them rough them up. Even toss them in prison if need be which in the long run costs him more money. Alright, it's a free world - at least where Obama lives - he can do that. Besides, it gets the women out of his country and the constabulary gets a vacation from having to rough them up. And his prison expenses go down for few weeks. To him, it's a win-win.

Then Obama adds icing to his cake during the fete by calling Mugabe a dictator. "Hells Bells Obama," thinks Mugabe, "With your fancy education, it's about time you figured that one out."

Obama just bowed deeper to Mugabe than he did to the Emperor of Japan...

Mrs. P

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