Sunday, November 15, 2009

Modern Piracy

A Chatham House report on piracy:
Piratical acts and acts akin to piracy do not need the ‘terrorism’ label to be seen as grave crimes worthy of an international response. Some actions of the pirate will be caught by the international counter-terrorism instruments but piracy is not terrorism as such and does not need to be treated as such.


It is an unfortunate fact that 50-60% of captured pirates have been released by the navies which captured them. This illustrates the challenges of providing a feasible system of prosecution of the pirates.

Is there a lack of political will to ensure that pirates or suspected pirates are brought to justice?


The next issue is one of willingness to prosecute. There is a perception that many countries in the West are not prepared themselves to mount prosecutions and are even divesting themselves of the power. This may be from fear that pirates, after finishing a prison sentence, would apply for asylum, or otherwise.

Asylum? For pirates? Are we serious? Yes, yes. I know. They're driven by desperation to piracy, but they're still fucking pirates.

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