Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FLG Is Glad Helen Rittelmeyer Doesn't Read This Blog

..because I fear she'd find a way to tear it to shreds like she just did to ladyblogs, which I have to say I completely agree with.



Miss Self-Important said...

BUT, she agrees about Conor: http://cigarettesmokingblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/plight-of-condorf.html

FLG said...

You know, back when Conor and Mark Levin were battling, I figured Conor had the better point. Levin is often arguing against strawmen. When a bunch of conservatives jumped on him, especially older bloggers, I was somewhat shocked. But now I see that they saw right away he was insufferably self-righteous and naive.

Once I recognized him for what he was, I could barely muster the paragraph I devoted to it. Her take down is impressive, but I couldn't see myself getting up to take him down.

That said, I think he's gonna get run out of the blogosphere. Oh, sure. He'll post somewhere, but nobody will pay attention anymore. I do so hope they get him off the Scene.

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