Thursday, November 12, 2009

FLG In Blogrolls

FLG doesn't categorize his blogroll. That's a personal preference and he has actually thought about doing so from time to time. Anyway, two blogroll categories that Fear and Loathing in Georgetown is listed in FLG finds funny.

Over at Dance's Prone to Laughter, he's in the "Unable to Compartmentalize" section which appeals to his self-conception/delusion as an iconoclast, but with two blogs that post pictures of dresses.

Over at Basil's Feast of Nemesis, FLG is in the "The two people I am aware of who read this blog..." section and noticeable absent from "Really smart people I link to in order to make me look good..."

1 comment:

s said...

One can't have it both ways, can one?

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