Thursday, November 19, 2009


I think your nuts.

I write in the third person under a pseudonym about topics which I know almost nothing about. Of course I'm nuts.

Also, you meant "you're," but I'm sympathetic to the problems posed by homonyms homophones.


Andrew Stevens said...

Homophones, but I'm sympathetic to the problems posed by very similar concepts with similar words for them.

Andrew Stevens said...

By the way, are you sure you're interpreting that email correctly? Perhaps your correspondent was describing his/her fantasies about a certain part of your anatomy. Or perhaps he is a solipsist by philosophy and just wanted to tell you that the existence of your anatomy is entirely dependent on his thoughts.

FLG said...

Oh, don't try to re-ingratiate yourself through humor after making me look like an ass!

Actually, your last sentence made me spit up my Coke. Through my nose.

Andrew Stevens said...

In my defense, I wasn't at all trying to make you look like an ass. I'm just really pedantic and anal-retentive. I also just can't help correcting people in posts which are about correcting other people, no matter how well-justified the initial correction is.

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