Friday, October 30, 2009

Quote of the day

Sonny Bunch:
“Social justice” is a phrase I don’t understand. As in, I literally don’t understand what people are saying when they call for social justice. I think this is because it doesn’t mean anything, but I could be wrong.


Do they just use the word “social justice” to mean “progressive policies” because it sounds better?

I've always taken social justice to be a more rigorous sounding form of the word "fair." A word which long-time readers will know I loathe.

In fact, I believe I can simply replace "fair" with "social justice" in what I wrote and it still makes perfect sense:
It is a completely relativistic term. There is no absolute social justice, only what makes people feel negatively is social injustice and what makes people feel good is social justice. I loathe the term social justice.

But then again, I've already pointed this out before:
The desire for fairness is a therapeutic response for the individual invoking it.

A discussion of justice is a much better because, at its best, such a discussion deals with a universal. However, many proponents of justice are using the word when they really are talking about fairness.

Never hurts to refresh my memory of what I wrote though.

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