Thursday, October 15, 2009

More On Heidegger

In the comments I wrote:
I have no clue what his conclusion in the ["The Question Concerning Technology"] even is.

That's not exactly accurate. My theory is that he is saying that we need to realize that technology is the imposition of the Platonic Forms onto matter by man. This activity is a revealing or unfolding of the Forms into the material world. If we understand this, then technology is good because it gives us insight into the world of the Forms. If we don't, then technology is bad for reasons I don't quite understand. At least that's my take.

Yet, I have two problems. First, if that's correct, then I just explained it pretty clearly in four sentences. He took a lot longer and was far less clear. Second, because of his incomprehensibility I have no idea if my interpretation is even at all correct.

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