Wednesday, October 28, 2009


FLG is going to try to teach himself Latin. Arethusa was kind enough to offer some recommendations, but FLG can't stop thinking about this:


arethusa said...

When you can tell me what is wrong with Maximus's Latin at the beginning of Gladiator, you will know Latin.

Andrew Stevens said...

No, I'm pretty sure that will only prove he's had a couple of weeks of Latin. It doesn't take long to get to "adjectives must agree with nouns in case, gender, and number."

arethusa said...

I think we're not thinking of the same scene. Mine involves getting at least a semester if not a semester-and-a-half of Latin under his belt.

Andrew Stevens said...

Definitely not thinking of the same scene. I was thinking of "Roma Victor" which, of course, should be "Roma Victrix." (I could half-heartedly defend Roma Victor as correct, if I cared to.)

I honestly wasn't aware that there was any more Latin in the entire movie nevertheless at the beginning. Now I'm curious to know what slipped by me.

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