Monday, October 26, 2009


The FLGs ran into some friends, a couple, at the store the other day. The husband, whom FLG didn't know had read his blog, said that it is intellectual. FLG was surprised by this.

He doesn't consider himself intellectual. He failed out of college once, graduated in the bottom half of his class when he did finish, and has been shunned by grad schools. FLG guesses educational success and being an intellectual aren't mutually exclusive. Christopher Hitchens left Oxford with a third. Nevertheless, it does undermine any possibility of intellectual pretension in FLG.

Then there's the blog itself. FLG posts about pirates, robots, zombies, and object sex. Plus, he swears like a fucking sailor. Not quite intellectual fare, all considered.

FLG guesses this is the flip-side of the "your blog is full of profanity" lamentations. On one hand, he feels comfortable swearing. On the other, he also feels comfortable blogging about Plato.

It really comes down to this -- FLG tries to offer lucid, logical posts, but ultimately he's just an asshole author of a blog that he often writes in his underwear while drinking beer.

But it doesn't look like this:


Andrew Stevens said...

To the man-in-the-street, who, I'm sorry to say
Is a keen observer of life,
The word "Intellectual" suggests straight away
A man who's untrue to his wife.

-W.H. Auden

FLG said...

Well, that's definitely not me!

Anonymous said...

This is what I wanted to post. A lot of other no-name failures too:

~ Mrs. FLG (Ha!)

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