Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Greatness Of Capitalism

The greatness of capitalism is its inherent and incessant drive to increase the productive powers of mankind. This is not-so-well-exemplified by FLG's recent purchase of this beauty at Target.

Some will say, as many have, that, sure, capitalism increases the productive capacities of humanity, but without regard to our social needs. It's great at creating chotskies tchotchkes and other disposable crap while doing little to ameliorate or social conditions. FLG disagrees. Capitalism has proven to be the most effective means yet devised to ameliorate the material circumstances of mankind. Sure, it doesn't work as equally, quickly, or cleanly as we would like, but it does work. Millions, neigh billions, of people have been pulled out of poverty by capitalism and international trade.

But let's say that capitalism does produce chotskies tchotchkes. FLG is cool with that because that pirate nutcracker is pretty fucking badass.


Withywindle said...

"Tchotchkes." I do believe.

Anonymous said...

You're rubbing off on me. Had to run to Target to get socks for tommorrow's Crazy Sock Day at school.

Came home with 2 pairs of pirate's socks...

Did you see the Pirate's Academy shirts for infants?

ARGHHH so cute.

Mrs. P

dance said...

While watching tv, I spend a fair amount of time wondering how much R&D money went into:

--a drug to grow longer eyelashes
--toothpaste with a flip lid (cheaper than a pump, but you can't lose the cap! Yes, that was tv ad copy I heard once)
--beer bottle labels that change color when the beer is cold enough
--custom-printed company-name M&Ms
--zebra-striped contact lenses

Capitalism may work, but you can't really blame people for thinking they might be able to find a more direct, efficient, less wasteful, method of global improvement.

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