Monday, October 12, 2009

FLG's Twisted Mind

This morning, FLG heard that North Korea fired some missiles. He immediately thought that if he were president, then he'd have considered, perhaps only for a millisecond but still considered, preemptively nuking the place.

FLG was thinking what would happen if Obama actually did it:
  1. Millions of innocent people would die. Bad.
  2. Kim Jung-Il would be one of those who died. Good.
  3. Nobel Peace Prize panel would feel like huge assholes. Good.
  4. Very small, but non-zero chance of Chinese nuclear retaliation. Bad.
  5. Permanent solution to North Korean problem. Good.
  6. World community condemnation. Bad. They'd be correct. Even worse.
  7. Iran would shit its fucking pants. Good.
  8. Radioactive fallout. Bad.
Just some evil genius counter-factuals for the day.


Anonymous said...

9. Code Pink would get the vapors like they've never had them before. Excellent.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

1. The hottest female traffic cops on the planet would be vaporized. Bad.

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