Monday, October 26, 2009

Crazy Diogenes

Dio Chrysostom:
For he did not have to go anywhere for his sexual gratification but, as he humorously put it, he found Aphrodite everywhere, without expense; and the poets libelled the goddess, he maintained, on account of their own want of self-control, when they called her "the all-golden." And since many doubted this boast, he gave a public demonstration before the eyes of all, saying that if men were like himself, Troy would never have been taken, nor Priam, king of the Phrygians and a descendant of Zeus, been slain at the altar of Zeus.

He might not have seen Plato's cupness, but apparently everybody saw Diogenes' junk.

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Alpheus said...

One of my favorite Diogenes stories tells how, when bystanders yelled at Diogenes for "finding his own Aphrodite" in the middle of the agora, he remarked that it would be a far better world if people could alleviate hunger just by rubbing their stomachs.

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