Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear FLG,

Virgil was Roman, not Greek.

No fucking shit Sherlock, but to return the favor of being Capt. Obvious. Roman mythology was largely a rip off of Greek Mythology. Plus, Acheron is in Greece. Pedantic fuckwad.

Did you see this house on 37th street?

No, I didn't. But that's badass.


Andrew Stevens said...

I would have criticized your use of "Greek mythology" because I assumed that the reference to Virgil and Acheron was to Dante's Inferno, in which both appear. (Acheron borders Hell and Virgil is his guide.) So it's actually "Christian mythology" you should have referred to.

FLG said...

Andrew, Dante was precisely what I was referring to.

Andrew Stevens said...

Ah then, while pointing out that Virgil wasn't Greek isn't relevant, pointing out that he didn't lead Dante into Hades, but into the Christian Hell is.

Andrew Stevens said...

By the way, I should also say that since the post was a fictional flight of fancy and not meant to express your real thoughts anyway, I wouldn't have actually pulled any of this pedantry without this follow up post.

FLG said...


You're correct on all counts. The original email just hit a nerve.

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