Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awards and Felicitations

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown has now been awarded two Best Blog Darts Thinker Awards. First by Irish Elk a few days ago, and today by The Port Stands At Your Elbow.

As the rules require that the recipients pass the award on to 15 other blogs (thank goodness it doesn't say anything about bad luck like those email chain letters), I've been giving this some thought since Mr. Elk passed the baton. Now that Robbo has done so as well, I feel that I must remove this great burden from my shoulders. Furthermore, I will try not to repeat those of Mr. Elk or Robbo, which makes my job even more difficult. I have also tried to add some not on my blogroll.

I realize this violates the agreement, but I have decided to award only ten, many of whom have no need of an award from me.

Athens & Jerusalem
GW Patriot
Matt Zeitlin: Impetuous Young Whippersnapper
mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful
Nobody Sasses A Girl in Glasses
The Occasional Dissident
Otto's Random Thoughts
Soleil d'encrier
Upturned Earth

Update: I forgot one, and it totally messes up my nice round 10:
arethusa's fountain


arethusa said...

I wasn't expecting this - thank you!

FLG said...

You're welcome.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thank you as well. I am pretty sure that in over four years of existence my blog has never one an award before. I will try and catch up on blogging tomorrow and officially accept the award.

alan_howe said...

Thank you! The importance of the OD was greatly increased by your overhaul of the appearance.

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