Friday, October 3, 2008

VP Debate Reaction

On Policy: Sarah Palin offered up red meat to conservatives, but did nothing to win over independents. She appeared to have memorized some stock phrases and names. Are the Castro Brothers really a threat? Biden showed that he has a good grasp of domestic and international policy. I just question his judgement on some issues.

On Demeanor: Palin seemed likable. Biden seemed competent.

Conclusion: Biden would be ready to step into the presidency at a moment's notice and not screw up everything. So, he passes the VP test for me. Palin is not a moron, but will clearly not ready to be president on Jan 20, 2009. Does that matter? Do we care if the VP needs some on the job seasoning? In most cases probably not, but with McCain's advanced age I'm concerned. How long will it take her to get up to speed?

I think the fundamental issue for me with Palin is that she seems like a good candidate in that she is attractive and likable, but appears to have been uninterested in major national and international issues until she became VP pick. I mean she's stumbling on questions that I could answer EASILY. Now, the stress of a national television interview or debate might make somebody blank on something, but she seems to relish the spotlight not wither under it.


Anonymous said...

"Are the Castro Brothers really a threat? "

No. In theory they are not --at this point. If Iran goes nuclear, or North Korea gets its nukes to fly, then they could be -- but that is not in the very near future and, far more importantly, that is not the reason the Castro Brothers were mentioned.

By the way, just adored the monniker coming from a woman in high heels and silk stockings, the Castro Brothers. Such a refreshing change from the gaga-googoo way most American (liberal) women treat the murderous fiends --the Castro Brothers.

The reason the Castro brothers received a honourable mention was for the exact same reason Joe Biden mention his support of the gay community; pure politics.

The Cuban community in America is the most overwhelmingly Republican group in America just like the gay community in America is the most overwhelmingly Democrat group in America.

Sarah was giving her supporters a nod. And so was Biden. She's a great politician. Biden knew it and you could see his respect for her grow right there on stage.

FLG said...

The Ca Bros, as I like to call them, are murderous thugs. No doubt about it. And yes, I know she was throwing a bone to Calle Ocho, but it seemed to odd.

Yes, she is a great politician. Huge potential. I think she is just warming up. However, will she be ready by Jan 20th? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Her certainly legs are. (In case you go for that sort of thing.) Man, Washington hasn't seen gams like those since Jackie Kennedy waked in the wake of her husband's casket. Again, another refreshing change from the sisterhood of traveling pantsuits....

Anonymous said...

The following comment was left at my blog regarding Cuba from someone "in the know" -oh more than a year ago- and it got picked up on Cuban message boards across the say those Cubans were very happy that some Americans understood the plight of their families and relatives is an understatement:

"From someone who has actually been in Cuba (c. 1992): Blaming all of Cuba's economic woes on the evil U.S. embargo is an implicit criticism of the absolute ineptness of the Castro regime, because we're really the only ones not doing business with Cuba. Cuba is open for business with every other country. Can't they reach out farther than 90 miles away? The problem with Cuba is that they don't produce anything that anybody else wants, except for cigars (no longer P.C., but a big export nonetheless; if you want Cuban cigars, you can go to Veracruz, Mexico, where Cubas bring them by the packet to swap with the locals), citrus (plenty of that from Brazil and elsewhere) and sugar (a commodity not exactly in short supply, and it doesn't help the bottom line if you're using oxen to bring in the harvest). Also, Cuban salsa music, which is excellent, but most people bootleg those CDs anyway. The hotels where Europeans and Canadians hang out in (at bargin prices, as long as they pay in hard currency) have their own private beaches (and this under socialism!) where Cubans are not allowed to tread, unless they are serving customers. Cubans are segregated to their own overcrowded beaches. And you thought aparthaid was over.

"My basic impression of Cuba: if you took a still picture, it would look like any other place in tropical Latin America. But if you took a moving picture, it would be completely different. There is no street life, expect for folks with mason jars waiting for the beer truck for their ration. Street life is essentially economic. If you don't have an economy, street life if basically hangout to waiting for something to drop off the truck. Ten million Cubans are waiting for something to drop off the truck, the rest are building rafts and waiting for northerly winds.

"It is a great insult to the Cuban people to consent to the fact that in fifty years there has been no one else fit to lead them other than a non-practicing law graduate from the University of Havana, from a bourgeoisie family. Now that he's old and ailing, the current ruling class is holding their collective breath waiting for what's next. Will they be smart enough to cash in like Party members were in the late 80's in the USSR? Or will they stick to their fantasy that they're conjunto con el pueblo (together with the people)?

"P.S. I also went to baseball, another possible export. I was surprised as to how poor their baseball fundamentals were in the field. I suggest moving the Florida Marlins down to Havana and letting Fidel run the team, maybe that'll keep him occupied."

That was a brilliant move politically last night. And the thing about most brilliant political moves can appear odd, quite odd. to those the message wasn't being sent to.

FLG said...

I'm sure that MLB baseball is dying to move a team to Havana. Cubans are nuts about it.

Nevertheless, the Cuban issue is overemphasized in US foreign policy because of the Cubans in Florida. Yes, I feel bad for the people down there, but it is of little strategic importance to the United States. They haven't posed a threat since the missile crisis.

Anonymous said...

As far as strategic importance goes, Clinton's war in Haiti to support a de-frocked Catholic priest who did not blink was?

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