Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sherlock Holmes

In Ritchie's Warner Bros film, Robert Downey Jr plays the detective and Jude Law plays Watson.

However, in a second film, Ali G creator Sacha Baron Cohen also stars as the fictional detective alongside US actor Will Ferrell as the sleuth's crime-solving partner in the Hollywood film from Columbia Pictures.

Joel Silver, a co-producer of the Ritchie movie, said the film, which is based on a comic book featuring the detective as a skilled swordsman, would be out first.

He said of the rival film: "I heard about it when we were putting the final deals together.

"Ours is serious... theirs is a comedy. We're not going to be coming out together... I hope what we've done is launched a franchise."

Ritchie said his film, an "intelligent" action movie, would probably contain more fight scenes and violence than previous on-screen incarnations of the detective.

I was not told about this. Why was I not told about this? Was there a memo? Communiqué of some sort? I did not receive it.


C.S. Perry said...

Dear FLG,
I may have forgotten to mention this but...I hear they'r emaking a couple of movies about Sherlock Holmes.

Right On.

FLG said...

Dear C.S. Perry,
Thank you very much for informing me that two Sherlock Holmes movies are in the works. I'm impressed that your careful reading of Fear and Loathing in Georgetown permitted you to deduce my love of the famous detective.


PS. I like wiseasses.

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