Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Open Letter About Email

Dear persons to whom I have ever sent email:

I have a habit, one that I hate, of sending email without a proper salutation, body, complementary close, or signature. I have a particularly bad habit of doing this when I send links to people.

My thinking occurs thusly: "Ooh, I bet X would be interested in this. Let me send it to them. Here X."

I should really take more time 1) to explain why I think they we be interested, 2) perhaps summarize what I am sending, and 3) include a small measure of courtesy by offering at least a cursory attempt at the traditionally accepted letter format. Unfortunately, I have no hope that this realization will not prevent my email rudeness in the future, as it has not done so in the past.

My most humble apologies for past, present and future emails,

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