Monday, October 13, 2008

Of Hats and Dinner Jackets

FLG wants a fedora for Christmas. He does not, however, like the feathers that some of them have. The feathers always remind him of the hats old black men wear. There's obviously nothing wrong with being an old black man's hat, but FLG is not an old black man. Hence, he doesn't like the feathers.

Also, he would like to renew his vow to wear white dinner jackets with tuxedoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, he has had almost no occasion to wear a tuxedo since his wedding, and chose not to wear a white jacket.


Anonymous said...

If you want to know about hats, then you know who to ask. Yes, he wears them.

Basil Seal said...

My Dear FLG, 'tuxedo' and 'dinner jacket' are synonymous, the former being the American word for black tie and the latter the British. My favorite DJ color is Midnight Blue...Very nice, especially if you have gray at the temples...

FLG said...

It's called "un smoking" in French.

So, are you saying I should have said a tuxedo with a white jacket, and drop the dinner?

alan_howe said...

"Drop the dinner" is precisely why white is not a good choice. A brown paisley with merlot notes is uniquely stylish and suits any dining style. Try wearing one this Friday.

Also, stop pretending you are not an old black man. Feathers, or lack thereof, will not change who you are.

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