Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama and Catholics

In an election cycle filled with its share of quirks, oddities, and surprises, the emergence of Roman Catholic pro-lifers as leading supporters of Sen. Barack Obama—himself a favorite of the National Reproductive Rights Action League—must rank as one of the strangest of twists and turns. Whatever its effect on the election, this unexpected development may also portend a new hardening of the battle lines within the Catholic Church, no matter who is inaugurated president in January.

Perhaps Catholics will become as disordered as the Anglican Communion, but I seriously doubt it.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would be more concerned about this -the idea of the Catholic Church becoming like the Anglican one -- if I knew that Obama's true position (as in voting record, statements and promises) had been made thoroughly available to the voting public through the (HA!) unobjective lens of the media. Happily, Prof. Robert P. George has carefully examined Obama, his record and his promises and published a paper on it yesterday:


The Catholic Church allowing immoral Catholic legislators like Pelosi, Biden, Leahy,Kennedy, Kerry etal to present themselves for Communion may finally come to a head under President Obama. And if it all it cost was just the ignorance of Catholic voters to cast their votes for Obama to finally get the Communion cup yanked from them, I would be glad. But unfortunately the cost will be much higher. Under President Obama The Uniter more babies will be sucked down the sinks in unregulated clinics across the country, plus we will enter the cloning of humans and the destruction of embryos so I cannot be pleased...at all.

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