Monday, October 13, 2008

Moron Offended By Blazing Saddles

Chicago Tribune:
During a seminar for working professionals, an instructor showed a scene of the 1974 comedy in which blacks are shown working on a railroad, according to a complaint filed by the student. Whites call the workers racial epithets and an overseer orders them to sing like slaves.

The student complained and the school's Office of Equity and Diversity, which investigates racial discrimination, got involved. That prompted an apology in March from the Department of Professional Development and Applied Studies, which offered the course.

"It was an insensitive error to use a video clip that included inflammatory and offensive language, and it will not happen again," department official James Campbell wrote. "We strive to plan and offer quality programming that meets the needs of an array of professionals and are sorry we fell short of that goal in this instance."

It's a fucking satire of racism, you idiot. To focus on the actual words misses the point, much like when people try to ban Huck Finn even though it is an anti-slavery book. I hate morons.

HT: University Diaries

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