Thursday, October 30, 2008

Men's Fashion Disappointment

There are two types of people who are interested in men's fashion. The first are interested in the timeless taste of men like Cary Grant. The second are ostentatious dandies. By dandy, I of course mean the original use of the word, not homosexual. Of this latter group, there are three subgroups that I loathe most. 1) pimps, 2) hip hop artists who dress like expensively tailored pimps, and 3) costume dandies. The first two are self-explanatory.

Costume dandies are people who dress up like as if they live sometime between 1919 and 1959. They are, quite simply, playing dress up, like a Star Trek fan or a Renaissance festival participant. However, unlike Trekkies, these costume dandies have convinced themselves that they posses class and taste, when in fact they might as well wear a pair of Mister Spock ears. Nightclub owners can sense the costume dandies, and usually and correctly bar admittance to them. Any decent club should.

Despite my initial hopes that The Aesthetic Traditionalist possessed the same level of sophistication and class as Sir Basil Seal, I fear that he is simply a costume dandy playing dress up, and any sane nightclub owner would lock the doors when he approached.

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Anonymous said...

Dear FLG,

I don't know why you have a compelling need to court my attention and even insult me, a total stranger to you. If we would live in a different world it would be pistols at dawn.

I am very far from a 'dandy' and have no interest in nightclubbing. If some images in my blog are not to your liking, simply don't visit again. I would also appreciate if you would leave me out of yours speculations from now on.

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