Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jews and Lizards

From Miss Self-Important:
Then I stepped back and thought about this and realized I was kind of behaving like the lunatics who call my office and tell me that they have "some very urgent papers I need to send you that will reveal how a select group of Jews and lizards have orchestrated this financial crisis from their UFO palace on Mars!"

I consider this definite proof in favor of my May 5th post that at the bottom of all the conspiracies, even completely fucking insane Masonic-reptilian alien conspiracies, it's always the Jews -- always.

PS. Miss Self-Important, if you read this, I have some very important papers to send you. Oh, and on a more serious note, what was that book you told me about a few weeks ago? Texting something or other?


Miss Self-Important said...

Have it in my office, but since you declined my pumpkin invite, not sure when I will see you.

FLG said...

I know where you will be next Wednesday evening.

Miss Self-Important said...

Well, if you want to make an appearance, I will bring the book.

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