Thursday, October 16, 2008

International Politician Quiz

Can you name these politicians?


The Maximum Leader said...

Is that ole Billy Hauge there second to last? What is he up to now?

- Maximum Leader

FLG said...

Shadow Foreign Minister

The Maximum Leader said...

I had no idea. I'll admit that I'm stumped on a few of these.

Is that actually Harper's "official" picture? If it is it certainly does capture the man.

The Maximum Leader said...

No Mara Carfagna?

Thanks to that one post of yours a while back I've been hooked on Mara. I'm thinking of writing her in for President of the US. Even if she doesn't meet the requirements.

FLG said...

I already posted her. So it would exactly be a very difficult quiz, would it?

However, I can see how any excuse to post a picture of her should be taken.

FLG said...

Answers (in correct order):
Stephen Harper - PM of Canada
Silvio Berlusconi - PM of Italy
Hu Jintao - General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
Kevin Rudd - PM of Australia
Taro Aso - PM of Japan
François Fillon - PM of France
David Miliband - UK Foreign Secretary
David Cameron - UK Conservative Leader
William Hague - UK Shadow Foreign Secretary
Rachida Dati - French Justice Minister

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