Sunday, October 19, 2008

ING Gets State Help

Le Monde:
L'Etat néerlandais injecte 10 milliards d'euros dans la banque ING...ING avait annoncé vendredi prévoir pour le troisième trimestre 2008 une perte nette d'approximativement 500 millions d'euros, provoquée par la crise financière...Le groupe a été un des pionniers du "direct banking", permettant aux clients d'effectuer des opérations à distance en utilisant le téléphone et internet.

The Dutch state injected 10 billion euros into ING...ING announced Friday an expected 2008 third quarter loss of approximately 500 million euros, caused by the financial crisis...The bank was one of the pioneers of direct banking, permitting client to use their services remotely using the telephone and internet.

Mrs. FLG and I have been clients of Ing Direct for years. We are both very happy with the bank, and since it's FDIC insured there is no reason to worry about the safety of our money.

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